Fab Four FAQ 2.0: The Beatles’ Solo Years, 1970-1980

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Fab Four FAQ 2.0 :

In the years following the 1960s, Beatle fans around the world were twice-stunned: in 1970, when their beloved group disbanded, and ten years later, when the murder of John Lennon ended a decade of hope that somehow the Fab Four would reunite. 

Between those milestones were astounding highs and unfathomable lows. George Harrison’s 1971 benefit for the suffering of Bangladesh showed the world the possibilities of rock’s altruism, while Lennon asked the world to “imagine” universal peace before sitting out half the decade to raise his son. Ringo Starr, the most overlooked Beatle, carved himself a surprising niche in film before launching a string of hit singles. And Paul McCartney, widely seen as the instigator of the Fabs’ breakup, became one of rock’s most beloved performers, racking up record-breaking smashes that climaxed with a triumphant world tour in 1976. 

Fab Four FAQ 2.0 picks up the story where the acclaimed Fab Four FAQ left off. Loaded with images of rare period ephemera, including periodicals, single sleeves, and movie stills, this is the first comprehensive biography of all four ex-Beatles. This book covers everything from their recording careers in the decade after the band’s dissolution to the musicians they played with, the bands they influenced, the manifestations of latter-day Beatlemania, and the constant clamor for reunion expressed by fans and – sometimes – by the four themselves.

Available in a Kindle version as well as a Deluxe slipcased edition with Fab Four FAQ.
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Author Robert Rodriguez interviewed on WGN TV

Fab Four FAQ 2.0 is a must-own”

—Terry Ott, The Pop Culture Connection

“I love it…great tidbits of info, and I learn something new with each page”

—Bart Shore, Time Warp Radio

“… a fascinating book that filled in more blank spaces than I could ever cover here…a tremendous addition to my collection…”

—Barry Rudolph, The Music Connection

“You could easily pick the book up and start reading any page without feeling lost, and you’ll get tons of interesting information in minutes”

BeatleLinks: The Beatles Internet Resource Guide

“A hugely enjoyable, fresh and well researched 500 page book. I loved it.”

—Craig Smith, British Beatles Fan Club

Fab Four FAQ 2.0 is a true work of pop scholarship.”

“a book where even a die-hard fan will learn something.”

Goldmine magazine

“…full of original observations, provocative positions, and humor…”

“There will never be an end to the Beatles’ story or probably ways to tell it. Fab Four FAQ and Fab Four FAQ 2.0 find an interesting way amidst all the old ones. And that’s a great reason why these very enjoyable books are welcome additions.”

—Steve Maranucci, Beatles Examiner

“A unique perspective of the aftermath of the break-up of the Beatles. Robert offers a thorough analysis not only of the individual band members’ recordings but of the events that shaped their lives and careers through the tumultuous ’70s. A complete overview of the rumors, the scandals, the triumphs and the music that followed the end of the best band ever.”

—Dennis Mitchell, Breakfast with the Beatles


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