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Beatles bow

There are three presentations that I give: each featuring an original documentary that includes rare audio/video/images, as well loads of music. I also do a Q&A and sign books, so if you are out for an evening of pure Beatle joy, you’ll have a blast (and you can’t beat the price: free!).

Program one is called The Beatles Performing Years 1957 – 1966

This presentation traces the origins of the group, from their skiffle days as The Quarry Men through the decision to cease touring in 1966, amidst great controversies as the segued into becoming a studio act. The mini-documentary (50 minutes) included rare photos, interviews, concert segments and promos – as well as an audio recording made of the Quarry Men on the very day that John and Paul were introduced.

Program two is called The Beatles’ Studio Years 1967 – 1970

Beginning where the first program leaves off, this one shows the Beatles broadening their artistry into uncharted waters by using the studio as a tool to achieve sounds heretofore only heard inside their own heads. Performance and promo clips, augmented by rare photos and unreleased audio of the group at work, showcase their reaching the height of their success, just before the split.

Program three is called The Beatles’ Solo Years 1970 – 1980

This presentation depicts the bitter break-up and subsequent efforts by all four ex-bandmates to establish their individual identities while laboring under the giant shadow of their collective past. Rare interviews, concert and promo clips, as well as film and comedy sketches are included in the mini-documentary (48 minutes), which covers everything from the triumphs of Imagine, the Concert for Bangladesh and Ringo’s film career as well as the darkness of George’s “My Sweet Lord” lawsuit and John’s 1980 murder, forever closing the door on any reunions.

Here are some dates scheduled so far (click on the name of the library for details):

Tuesday January 19 – 7pm

Skokie Public Library – Beatles’ Performing Years 1957 – 1966

Tuesday February 9 – 7pm 

Crete Public Library – Beatles’ Performing Years 1957 – 1966

Wednesday February 17 – 7pm

Eisenhower Public Library (Harwood Heights)  – Beatles’ Solo Years 1970 – 1980

Thursday March 10 – 7pm

River Grove Public Library – Beatles’ Studio Years 1967 – 1970

Monday March 14 – 7pm

Crete Public Library – Beatles’ Studio Years 1967 – 1970

Wednesday April 6 – 7pm 

Rolling Meadows Public Library – Beatles’ Performing Years 1957 – 1966

Wednesday April 13 – 7pm

Crete Public Library – Beatles’ Solo Years 1970 – 1980

Tuesday May 3 – 7pm

Geneva Public Library – Beatles’ Performing Years 1957 – 1966

Tuesday May 10 – 7pm

Geneva Public Library – Beatles’ Studio Years 1967 – 1970

Tuesday May 17 – 7pm

Geneva Public Library – Beatles’ Solo Years 1970 – 1980

Check back often – more dates to come!


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