About Robert Rodriguez

This Award winning Beatles scholar is a student of history, especially the pop culture parts. He’s written or contributed to nine books (with more coming); though he did not set out to write five books about the Beatles (with more coming), what can he say? There’s always something left to talk about, isn’t there?

You can check out his published works here.

You can check in on his daily archival Facebook postings here.

You can check out his podcast, Something About The Beatles, here.

He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and two young kids. Every so often, he speaks before groups at area libraries on (what else?), the Beatles, in presentations that include rare video. Check here for updates.

He’s also a featured speaker at the annual Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago (well, Rosemont actually). Sometimes, he is called “Richard,” though he rarely answers to this.

Robert is also the creator and Series Executive Editor of the FAQ series, published by the Hal Leonard Performing Arts Group.

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