The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years

On May 15, 2012 by admin

Fifty Fabulous Years is a delightful picture book that sums up the Beatles career as well as their post-Beatles career in a fresh, engaging style. Filled with images and text that take the reader back in time, it’s recommended for newbies wanting to know what all the fuss was about, as well as first-generation fans wishing to revisit their youth.

The hardcover book edition comes with a hour-length DVD documentary by Les Krantz, filed with period footage. 

OUT OF PRINT (except for the leather-bound Easton Press edition)

Wanna look inside?

“Rodriguez, whose Fab Four FAQ series is a required reference for the Beatles and their various goings-on, spices up this book with scrumptious colour prints of the boys, as well collateral ephemera and memorabilia from the period…The text  is a smooth and nostalgic, kinder, gentler look at the Beatle years.”

—Terry Ott, Boomer Media Review

“Early reviews are swooning.”

—Jason Kirk, Chordstrike

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