Fab Four FAQ: Everything Left To Know About The Beatles…and More!

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Published a half century after the momentous meeting between teenagers John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Fab Four FAQ (co-written by Stuart Shea) deconstructs The Beatles story, from The Quarry Men to the break-up. Every aspect of their career is explored in detail, in a hard-to-put-down format that invites readers to begin exploring at any point within the book. Written with the authority of life long fans, this book presents the familiar as well as the unfamiliar with freshness, humor and high level of detail that rewards close reading. 
As one reviewer put it, “Any book that can teach you this much about something you already know a lot about is a very good book.”

Available in a Deluxe slipcased edition with Fab Four FAQ 2.0.

Wanna look inside?

“I LOVE this book…Definitely one of the better books out there.”
— Chris Carter, host of the nationally syndicated Breakfast With The Beatles

“Enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy this extremely well-researched book.”
— Keith Badman, author of The Beatles Off The Record 1 & 2

“Gets the grand prize for packing in more obscure and arcane information than any of the dozen books I’ve read on the Beatles—combined.”

— Barry Rudolph, recording engineer (Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, et al.)

“More than ‘just another Beatles book, this one you can pick up, thumb through, and every stop is interesting.” — Eric C. Shoaf, Vintage Guitar magazine

“Having the information neatly organized in a very well written, thoroughly researched book makes this an enjoyable read, as well as a handy reference tool. Fans who appreciate more serious study should take particular interest in the authors’ selections of notable performances by each Beatle on his respective instruments, and the skillful way they articulate their positions. The authors’ obsessive attention to detail elevates Fab Four FAQ to more than just another book on a ubiquitous subject.” — Ugly Things magazine

“The kind of book you pick up to skim through, but you end up getting sucked in, and before you know it, half an hour has passed.” — Goldmine

“Finds fresh angles, insightful observations, and delightful Beatlebits…all presented in a delightful writing style that makes me declare — dare I shout it? — ‘yeah, yeah yeah!’” — Lou Carlozo, Chicago Tribune

“Any book that can teach you this much about something you already know a lot about is a very good book.” — Ari Spool, Seattle Stranger

“If you thought you knew the Beatles, this book will make you think again.”

— Glen Boyd, Blogcritics

“Shea and Rodriguez have certainly added to the large body of discourse on the Fabs and done it on the whole very well.”

—Terry Ott, Boomer Media Review


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